The 16th. Annual Meeting 2024

Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia The 16th. General Assembly and The 16th. Annual Meeting 2023 “New Expansion of East Asian Studies”

East Asia is a geographic and historical space, and as the term ” Sinosphere” suggests, it is also a wide-area community of knowledge and culture. Throughout history, due to frequent exchanges of people and the spread of books, knowledge exchange within the region has been very active, leading to the formation of a cultural system centered around Chinese works, known as Sinology. In the 19th century and onwards, stimulated by the modern knowledge system in the Western world, Sinology underwent revolutionary changes in its research subjects and methods. It transformed into new disciplines such as Chinese studies, Japanese studies, and Korean studies, eventually converging into a new field known as East Asian studies. In view of this, the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia in 2024 will be themed “New Expansions in East Asian Studies” and organized under a variety of panels with corresponding sub-themes for scholars to engage in academic exchanges.
Kansai University, which will host the 16th International Conference of the Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia (SCIEA), was formerly known as Kansai Law School established in 1886 and upgraded to a university in 1922. It is a comprehensive research university with a wide range of disciplines. Over the course of more than a hundred years, Kansai University has developed into a more comprehensive university with 13 faculties Law, Letters, Economics, Business and Commerce, Policy Studies, Foreign Language Studies, Health and Well-being, Informatics, Societal Safety Sciences, Engineering Science, Environmental and Urban Engineering, and Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering, as well as several graduate schools.
We look forward to the active participation of all members.

Theme of This Year

New Expansion of East Asian Studies

Panel Themes

1. Digital Humanities and East Asian Cultural Interaction
2. Research on the History of Modern Knowledge Formation in East Asia
3. East/West Religion and East Asian Cultural Interaction
4. Studies of Modern Sinologists Naito Konan, etc. in East Asia
5. Area Studies and East Asian Cultural Interaction
6. Knowledge Transfer in Literature, History and Philosophy, etc. and East Asian Cultural Interaction
7. Cultural Interaction in Education and Arts
8. Cultural Interaction in Medicine and Public Health
9. Cultural Interaction in Regional Cultures and Tourism
10. Miscellaneous Topics Related to East Asian Cultural Interaction

Meeting Schedule

Annual Meeting: May 10~12, 2024

Application Schedule and Announcement of Selections

Members are requested to indicate a preferred panel with their submission (see list of panels above). Those who wish to participate and publish are requested to submit the attached application form and publication summary (ca. 400 words) by Monday, 15th January 2024. Applications will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee for the Conference and official certificates will only be issued after approval.

docApplication form for download; JapaneseEnglishChinese/SimplifiedKorean

General Expenses

To be determined.

To Apply for Participation, Contact:

The Organizing Committee for the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia: (

Head organizer:
Fujita Takao, Vice-President (Professor, Faculty of Literature, Kansai University)
Auxiliary organizers:
Uchida Keiichi, Vice-President (Professor Emeritus, Kansai University)
Tao De-min, Councilor (Professor Emeritus, Kansai University)
Kimura Masato, Councilor (Former Director of Research, Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation)
Shen Guowei, Secretary General (Professor, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kansai University)