The 14th. Annual Meeting 2022

Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia The 14th. General Assembly and The 14th. Annual Meeting 2022 “Historical Review of the Impact of Pandemics on International Exchange and the Prospect of Post-COVID-19 Era “

  • [Date]   May 7~8
  • [Place]  Keimyung University, Seongseo Campus, and online panel discussion ※The schedule may be changed on the day of the meeting depending on the policy of quarantine authorities
  • [Annual Meeting PDF]  available in Japanese English Chinese (Simplified) Korean

The world is experiencing an unprecedented collapse of international communication in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only today’s younger generation, but also their parents’ generation and even their grandparents’ generation have never experienced this. In the diplomatic, economic, cultural and tourism fields, various exchanges based on the crossing of people, goods and money across borders are interrupted or obstructed. Countries with high trade dependence have been hit hard economically due to the sharp decline in international trade based on the international division of labor and limited resources. The economic downturn has brought about political unrest. Due to political problems and the outbreak of civil war, a large number of refugees have emerged. The age of non-contact, which has been foreshadowed for some time, is now just around the corner, accelerating social change. Those who once rejected or resisted the rapid social changes and lifestyle changes have adjusted their views and begun to show positive attitudes, but there is also a danger that the maladjusted will fall into the abyss of a polarized society. The current situation of the times brought about by the interruption of international exchange is a self-portrait of our society. At this time, it is important to examine the nature and role of international exchange in East Asia from a historical perspective and, on this basis, to look forward to the future of international exchange after COVID-19. Specifically, the discussion will focus on the following two topics.
First, based on this awareness of the problem, we would like to explore historical examples of international exchanges throughout East Asia. Sort out all kinds of people and events left in the exchanges among the three East Asian countries of Japan, China, and South Korea, and discuss their impact and historical significance. In addition, it is necessary to study the influence of the East-West contacts developed after the mid-19th century in order to understand the international exchanges in East Asia more correctly.
Second, we will explore the current state of international exchange in East Asia and look forward to what international exchange should be like when it is conducted after COVID-19. In the post-COVID-19 world, the people of East Asia will experience both continuity and rupture in international exchange. If this disruption becomes severe, there is a possibility that we will have to start over again. At this point, it is time to redefine the way of international Communication based on the historical experience of the past.
14th International Academic Conference and Symposium of the Society in Cultural Interaction in East Asia will focus on the above unified theme and various other themes as follows. We look forward to your participation.

Theme this Year

Historical Review of the Impact of Pandemics on International Exchange and the Prospect of Post-COVID-19 Era

Panel Themes

1. Historical cases of infectious diseases (COVID19, pandemic) in East Asia
2. Prospects for International Exchange in Post-Pandemic East Asia
3. Global Histories of Circulating Knowledges
4. Public Health, Infectious Diseases, Pharmaceutical Politics and Cultural Interaction
5. Imperial/national/local knowledges in interaction
6. Translating and Transmitting Knowledge in Language, Literature, History and Philosophy
7. Cultural Interaction in the Arts
8. Cultural Interaction in Social Welfare Services
9. Cultural Interaction, Regional Culture and Tourism
10. Miscellaneous Topics Related to East Asian Cultural Interaction

Meeting Schedule

Annual Meeting: May 7~8, 2022

Application Schedule and Announcement of Selections

Members are requested to indicate a preferred panel with their submission (see list of panels above). Those who wish to participate and publish are requested to submit the attached application form and publication summary (ca. 400 words) by the 15th of January 2022. Applications will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee for the Conference and official certificates will only be issued after approval

docApplication form (docx) for download; JapaneseEnglish, Chinese (Simplified)Korean

General Expenses

To be determined.

To Apply for Participation, Contact:

The Organizing Committee for the 14th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia: (

Head organizer:
Myungsoo Kim Vice-president, Councilor (Associate Professor, Faculty of International Area Studies, Keimyung University)

Auxiliary organizers:
Byung-Ro Lee (President, the College of Humanities and International Studies, Keimyung University)
Jung-kyu Kim (Director, Institute of International Studies, Keimyung University
Etsuko Makizumi, President (Dean of Faculty of Literature, Nishogakusha University)
Keiichi Uchida, Vice-President (Professor, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kansai University)
Takao Fujita, Councilor (Professor, Faculty of Literature, Kansai University)
De-min Tao, Councilor (Professor, Faculty of Literature, Kansai University)
Masato Kimura, Councilor (Researcher, Kanda University of International Studies)

Guowei Shen, Secretary General (Professor, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kansai University)